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Parts needed

Please do not put your values of parts here. Maybe other values of resistors, capacitors works in this circuit. Values listed here are tested in many pcs of Paperduino Tiny.

Image Part Quantity Value
P1 1 ATtiny85-20PU with bootloader
Burning bootloader
Buy preprogrammed ATtiny85
P1 1 DIL 8 socket
P2 1 Pin header 2.54mm 8 + 2 pin
D1 1 Diode 1N4148
D2,D3 2 Zener diode 3V6
D4 1 LED (any green led will work)
D5 1 LED (any red led will work)
J1 1 USB B socket
S1 1 TACT Switch
C1 1 Ceramic capacitor 100nF
C2 1 El. capacitor 10uF/16V
R1,R2,R5 3 Resistor 1k5 - 1500 Ohms 1/4W
R3,R4 2 Resistor 22 Ohm 1/4W
1 Jumper
1 few cm of ribon cable
for example from old PC wires
also other type of wires can be used
1 Short USB type A-B cable
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