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Building Paperduino Tiny step by step

Preparing board

You just need to print the top and the bottom layout, and glue them to any kind of support you want or get printed Paperduino Tiny cards from us.

Download template paperduino-tiny.pdf or SVG source.

You can get 5 PCS of Paperduino Tiny cards double side printed on hard paper from us for 3 USD with Worldwide shipping.

I'm ending wil selling MCUs and KIT because the price was calculated with standard air mail shipping and i lost over 100 USD last month in lost parcels.

If you are not able to burn bootloader, you can buy ATtiny85 with bootloader + 3 original paperduino cards for 5 USD with Worldwide shipping.

You can buy complete KIT for 9 USD with Worldwide shipping.

Buy Paperduino Cards by PayPal

If you would like to get more cards, please contact me.


Before you start please look at Tools needed and Parts needed pages…

  1. Make holes to your paper board by Push Drawing Pin:
  2. Insert P1 - DIL8 socket to you paper board:
  3. Bend terminals of P1:
  4. Insert R1 - 1k5:
  5. Bend terminals of R1 and solder R1 with PIN 8 of P1:
  6. Insert D1 - 1N4148:
  7. Bend terminals of D1 and solder D1 with PIN 8 of P1:
  8. Insert R2 - 1k5:
  9. Insert R3 - 22R:
  10. Bend terminals of R2,R3 and solder them:
  11. Insert R4 - 22R:
  12. Bend terminals of R4 and solder them:
  13. Insert R5 - 1k5:
  14. Bend terminals of R5 and solder them:
  15. Insert D2 - zener diode 3V6:
  16. Insert D3 - zener diode 3V6:
  17. Bend terminals of D2, D3 and solder them:
  18. Insert S1 - Tact switch:
  19. Insert J1 - USB Connector:
  20. Conect S1 and J1:
  21. Insert C1 - ceramic capacitor 100nF:
  22. Bend terminals of C1 and connect them:
  23. Insert C2 - el. capacitor 10uF/16V double check polarity:
  24. Bend terminals of C2 and connect them:
  25. Insert D4, D5 and P2:
  26. Bend terminals and connect them:
  27. Insert Power switch:
  28. Make final wiring:

Congratulation, building is done!


  1. Double check all connections
  2. Do not insert ATtiny85
  3. Connect to USB
  4. Put jumper to power switch
  5. Green LED (D4) lights - all is OK
  6. Remove Power switch jumper
  7. Insert ATtiny85 with programmed bootloader


You can secure bottom side with duct tape:

And you can cut card to smaller size:

You can use case from Tic Tac mints (large one with 100 mints) for you paperduino:

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